India On My Platter - Cover

India On My Platter – Cover[col-lg-8]

India On My Platter

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Pages : 326
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Synopsis: 100 Days, 100 cities, 25 states. 20,000 kms on the road & one Chef Saransh takes us on a culinary journey through rural India, meeting local foodies, learning about their cuisine and creating meals using the tips he learned. Charming, humble and effortless this culinary cutie brings an element of appreciation to the people he meets and food he cooks, not taking anything for granted neither the food, nor the location or the journey. From a roadside truck stop to India’s biggest omelettes centre ,to a kitchen in Kullu -this book covers it all. This book contains recipes not atypical of the Indian Kitchen: Images of food snapshots of villages and villagers interesting ways to use locally found ingredients, humorous and touching anecdotes from his journey, and a bit of wisdom that can only be discovered by travel.

“As a fellow chaat lover, I recommend Saransh’s epic food journey to all lovers of good food, good fellowship, and good writing. The recipes blend well with the travel narrative. Very readable.”